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Using iPads can help Older Adults Thinking Ability

A new study suggests, that for older adults, learning to use a tablet computer can help improve memory and assist in completing tasks. The researchers add it can also enhance everyday life and help older adults achieve greater independence. “Mastering technological devices such as the iPad has the added advantage of providing older adults with […]
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Learning a Second Language May Protect an Aging Brain

Learning and speaking two or more languages has been shown to protect your brain as it ages, even if you learn another language as an adult. For the study, researchers followed 835 people born in Scotland in 1936 whose first language was English. At age 11, participants were given a mental skills test and then […]
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Green Tea’s Effect on Cognitive Function is Now Clear

Previous studies have shown the health benefits of green tea, specifically for cognitive development, but the exact reasons why were unclear. However, a new imaging study suggests that green tea appears to boost memory by enhancing functional brain connectivity.     The study, led by Stefan Borgwardt, MD, PhD, from the Department of Psychiatry, University […]
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5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Memory

According to surveys, people are twice as fearful about losing their mental health compared to their physical health. While some memory loss comes with aging, not everyone has to experience it to the greatest extent. Choices you make every day play a part in your brain’s health. Cathy Alessi, M.D., president of the American Geriatrics […]
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Amnesia Patients’ Brain Illuminates how Memory Works

Researchers report that a 3-D brain scan of a man who lived with total amnesia for 55 years could reveal clues about what caused his memory loss and how the memory works. Henry Molaison (often referred to as H.M.) underwent brain surgery for epilepsy in 1953 and then lost the ability to store memories. The […]

Contact Sports and Memory Loss

Contact sports are well-known for their aggressive physical contact including everything from tackling in football to checking in ice hockey. Data from a new study suggests that cumulative hits to the head during one season of football or hockey could leave a lasting impact on the brain and cognitive abilities. According to the study, collegiate […]
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Memory Food Boost

Are you worried about declining memory and brain health? Make sure to feed your brain memory food to help improve your cognition. Your entire body needs the right nutrients to keep it healthy, and your brain is no exception. The brain benefits from a variety of nutrients, including fat, proteins, vitamins, and sugars, to help […]

Tips for Memory Loss

If you are a caregiver for someone who has an ongoing problem with memory, problem solving, judgment, or the ability to handle daily tasks, here are some suggestions that may be able to help you develop a plan to help. Be sure to speak with a doctor when developing your plan, since they may have […]
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Normal Memory Loss or Dementia?

Sooner or later, you will be asking this about yourself, your spouse or someone else in your family. However, the question of whether you are noticing dementia signs is not an easy one to answer. As you age, a certain amount of forgetfulness can accompany you. It often means that you are having a harder […]
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“I Will Remember for You,” The Influence of Music on Alzheimer’s Patients

Oh the places you used to go, All the people you used to know, The stories that you loved to tell About a life that you lived so well. It’s fine, you can rest if you want to. I will remember for you, I will remember too. Music is a story with a melody. The […]