As a patient, you will receive Dr. Brody's book on prevention.

What about prevention? Dr. Brody is a former academic neurologist and stroke as well as Alzheimer’s specialist who has written a best-selling book entitled, Brain Matters – The Prevention of Alzheimer’s, Aging and Stroke. Outlined in the book is the latest research concerning aging prevention, stroke prevention and Alzheimer’s prevention, including diet, supplements, exercise, meditation, spiritual considerations, and the latest in clinical research. This book is given to all patients who come for memory screening. A no-cost screening is essential to identify memory and thinking problems early.

But don’t forget…. Not all memory problems represent Alzheimer’s. In fact, memory difficulties, either real or perceived, may, indeed, be in the context of normal brain aging. Further, there are a number of medications that patients take that can impair memory, and changing those medications or stopping them can resolve any memory issues. Anxiety and depression can interfere with attention and ability to focus, and can mimic Alzheimer’s. These conditions need to be treated, and the memory and cognitive issues then resolved. It is important to be assessed by an expert in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, taking measures in prevention actually result in ruling out the disease altogether!

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For those who are struggling with memory loss, a memory screen is a step in the right direction to keeping their minds healthy. Apply for a FREE memory screen today!