What our families say about us

I have been involved with Brain Matters Research and Dr. Mark Brody for the last 5 years. He and the staff at the center are truly exceptional and very professional. The new facility that they recently moved into is wonderful! Right now, I am a patient involved in the clinical trial of a phase 3 drug treatment to treat an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Besides this trial, they are involved with many other pharmaceutical companies that have ongoing trials. I am very fortunate to have found such a center one hour away from home. It gives me great hope that with the center’s help and support, I will be able to have a good and productive life going forward. I highly recommend this center to anyone facing the challenge of memory loss and potentially Alzheimer’s disease.

From the bottom of my heart “Thank you Dr. Brody” and his lovely staff. My husband has received the most incredible understanding and help we could ever ask for. He was in a study and was greeted with respect and love. Again, thank you for making these difficult times easier and for all the support.

We just wanted to say how impressed we are with the professionalism and the warmth of your entire staff. Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and very caring. We couldn’t ask for a better treatment facility. Congratulations for making this a very palatable experience.

If you’re looking for a doctor who is most proficient in his field of practice, while being very caring and concerning, please be introduced to Mark Brody MD. Not surprisingly, his entire staff is a clone of the good doctor. They too are always ready to offer services equaling that of Dr. Brody with loving care.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff's professionalism and compassion when dealing with Cynthia and myself. It is a pleasure dealing with everyone in your office ....they are making a difficult process easier to deal with. Thank you.

My professional association with Dr. Mark Brody exceeds 3 decades in duration. Always a superb clinical neurologist, Dr. Brody has progressed from serving as a nationally recognized expert in the area of stroke research to now playing a leading role in the development of new paradigms for the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Brain Matters, the clinical research center he has established in Delray Beach, Florida, offers patients cutting edge medical intervention for Alzheimer's disease and, for many, the opportunity to participate in clinical research intended to raise the existing standard of care. As a deeply experienced clinician and clinical research investigator possessed of boundless creativity, Dr. Brody has my unqualified and most enthusiastic endorsement.

Brain Matters is a welcoming, friendly atmosphere started by Dr. Mark Brody. His staff support him and treat all who come to his facility with professional knowledge, warmth and a genuine attitude of caring for their patients and family members. Brain Matters is a state of the art practice dealing with all illnesses affecting the human brain, including overseeing the administration of drug trials in seeking future cures for such diseases as Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Brody and his staff have been very helpful with managing my father’s Alzheimer’s disease. Their focus is not only to administer a trial medication but have assisted us with finding resources and services such as counseling support groups, caregivers and financial help. I am very grateful for their help and the opportunity to give my dad a greater quality of life.

My experience in the program with Brain Matters has been extremely impressive. The staff has been so caring and concerned making me feel that I am being so well cared for and cared about. I have felt that the staff truly is giving me the best chance of curing my condition.

I am accompanying a friend as she goes through the Biogen study at the Brain Matters Research Center. As a wellness therapist with a background in T.C.M. I am most impressed with the energy and accommodation of the staff and the facility. From the initial intake to the treatment process, every step along the way, the professionalism, friendliness, and compassion of every member of the staff is evident. I commend Dr. Brody on creating a wholesome and positive envirnment that is conducive for the healing process to take place. P.S. – I am extremely impressed with the credentials of every facilitator and treatment personnel

I was very impressed with Dr. Brody and his staff. Very professional and straight forward. He talks to you and not down to you. I have a lot of confidence in him.

My husband has been a patient at Brain Matters Research since June 2015. His diagnosis of early Alzheimer’s was devastating to us emotionally. Dr. Brody and his entire staff has made this experience as easy as possible. They are caring, friendly, and most importantly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. They will be with us throughout our coming ordeal.

A year or two ago, Karl and I were unfortunately faced with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. What do we do? Where do we go? How do we handle this? Karl was given meds and we just kept moving on with no direction. What did the future hold. Then I decided to research and found Dr. Brody and his research program. Karl was accepted. Then we met Dr. Brody. He was calming – reassuring that all would be well. He answered all of our questions and found the time to meet with our children when they came to visit from the north. They were pleased and felt we were in good hands. The staff is wonderful. Each one is friendly and available for us and there is always a great big greeting when we arrive. Dr. Brody also has given the Alzheimer Support group use of one of his rooms for our meetings. To me, it shows his caring for patients above and beyond the medical site.

When I go to a doctor’s office, I judge the staff who work there as well as the doctor. I have been very pleased with the level of expertise and treatment that I have received.

To Whom It May Concern: I have been associated with Dr. Brody and Brain Matters as a caretaker. Besides the personal cordiality extended to us, I have learned so much as it relates to what might be going on with my wife and the possibility of delay on prevention of her possible condition. I always look forward to our infusion sessions and the future possibilities.

Awesome, efficient, and most professional are just a few of the adjectives to describe this facility.

The staff is most caring and considerate.

During a recent visit to Florida to see my mom for her 97th birthday, and because she suffered some temporary memory loss for 24-72 hours a few days ago. We had the rare privilege to meet Dr. Mark Brody, a quintessential neurologist specializing in Alzheimer’s and memory loss… My mother and I were treated like guests to Dr. Brody, we were offered a selection of beverages, coffee, and snacks. As we walked through the office hallways, we were met by a wonderful theme of posters and signs… We met with professional yet jovial and down to earth neurologist, Dr. Mark Brody. He explained in perspective the reason for a baseline testing for my mom’s current neurological testing and he welcomed our questions. While I was at Columbia University in the doctoral program, the key thing I learned is that leaders make change happen. Dr. Brody is truly a shining beacon of light in this endeavor to improve his chosen field.

Brain Matters Research is a comprehensive organization that evaluates and treats various aspects of the functions of the brain. Dr. Brody is a kind & knowledgeable person and he has a friendly staff that is interested in their patients. I feel very comfortable and secure during my treatments and testing procedures. I would highly recommend this facility.

I am a retired physician. I have been a patient of Dr. Brody's for six+ years and have been involved in two studies. The office is professional, courteous and understanding. I am very pleased with Dr. Brody and his staff.

Every person needs to have a “warm fuzzy”! This is especially true when your husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How could that be? Here is a man with multiple degrees, a doctor of law, a person with a quick mind and a vibrant brain. This was a shock to myself and our children. We needed help and information and quickly. Our “warm fuzzy” came in the form of Dr. Brody and his Brain Matters Research team. They provided us with information, care, and the path to follow. When we call by phone or visit the Dr. in person – all staff knows our needs and heaps on the kindness. We never feel as though we are alone on this road. My greatest thanks to all of you.

We have been coming to Brain Matters for approximately 4 years. Dr. Brody and his staff have been very supportive to us. All of his staff have our best interests, we look forward to coming here. Dr. Brody makes us laugh and gives us the strength to continue this road.

My experience at Dr. Brody’s office has been very rewarding – He is easy to speak to, understanding, and wonderful to my family – The staff is great and very kind and easy to get along with. Also, they are there to help us at every moment. The office is lovely and there is coffee and snacks always available. Dr. Brody donates a room to our Alzheimer’s support group to meet once a month and that shows his interest and support to his patients.

Dear Friends: My name is Dennis, I have been a patient of Brain Matters Research for just a little over a year. Dr. Brody + his team are great, and my memory has improved greatly as time has progressed… I thank them for their professional + caring help.

We have been with Dr. Brody at Brain Matters Research for over 4 years. During that time, we have found his staff to be friendly, compassionate, efficient and knowledgeable with our best interest at heart. They are always available for our concerns. The office is also in a pleasant, comfortable setting. Our overall experience has been quite satisfactory.

My wife has been a patient of Dr. Mark Brody for 3 years. Dr. Brody has personally involved her in treatments. He has been compassionate, encouraging, & helpful in every way. His staff is efficient, friendly, & commended for my wife welfare & concerned. The office is modern cheerful & attention is paid to all of my wife needs and mines. Thank God for Brain Matters Research. We leave each visit with hope and good cheer.

We Thank God dearly for Brain Matters Research. Dr. Brody, along with the rest of the doctors, nurses, staff are family now. The fear of my husband’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s over 2yrs ago was helped by those working with us. We are blessed to be in a study that is having very positive results and not just maintaining his level of memory & cognition but he is “Back to Himself”. My fear of losing him by now (mentally) to him being better than expected is replaced by immense joy & appreciation. What a Great Team!! We love you Guys

Almost 4 years ago my wife Ruth began to have short-term memory loss. Doctors prescribed Aricept and Namenda and physical therapy. Her memory continued to diminish. My hope of keeping her was fading. About 20 months ago we answered a blind ad about memory loss and would up at an institution by the name of Brain Matters Research. Ruth is now involved in a research study for memory loss. While they still do not have a cure for her, I now have hope that we are on the right track to make her better.

LOVE dr brody and the staff caring, compassionate and knowledgeable! after trying to find out my husbands problem(s) we went to bmr and since it is a study they were finally able to dx my husbands ad.. while not what we were hoping for, we had an answer. dr brody even consulted w/my daughter who had a stroke at age 30 and gave us more answers... that was a such a blessing as it was a very scary time for all of us!... while they cant cure ad, they do everything they can to help survive and thrive with such a devastating dx!

After several years of watching my husband's slow cognitive decline, and having tried all the currently available treatments without success, I began to look to investigational drugs as the next step. It was through my search for help that I found Brain Matters Research and Dr. Mark Brody. Although it meant traveling from our home in Stuart to Delray Beach, I knew after our first visit it would be worth the time and effort. Dr. Brody's concern for his patients, his knowledge, and the vast array of studies in which he was involved told me I was in the right place for both my husband and me.

Each visit to Dr. Brody is informative & helpful. I really appreciate his conservative approach to holding off the Advancement of Dementia.

Dr. Brody is a very knowledgeable Dr. who is conservative in his treatment & listens to the patient to give the best treatment for their condition. The Best!!

The most caring people I have ever experienced. I recommend this clinic highly.

As a caregiver for my wife, I can only rave about the people here. They are all great.

I’m a caregiver for an Early Onset Alzheimer patient. Over the years we have received prompt, considerate, continuous service and have been treated with the utmost respect.

On August 25th, 2015 I took my mom to Dr. Brody for some testing on her memory. Upon arrival the friendly staff took my mom back and did some memory testing on my mom before she visited with Dr. Brody. After a few minutes we were taken back to see Dr. Brody. He asked my mom some questions went over the results of the test that she had taken and said her memory was failing her more than the last time she was in his office. Dr. Brody then asked my mom is she was having trouble breathing because it sounded like she was out of breath. He then had her get up and walk without her walker down the hallway. Afterwards my mom sat down and Dr. Brody wanted to know how long my mom had tremors? I didn’t know she had them her doctor never said a word. Dr. Brody then listen to her lungs and heard a crackling in her left lungs and wonder how long that had been there I had no answer for that. Dr. Brody then listen to her heart and wanted to know how long she had a heart mummer? I said a what? He told me she has a heart murmur a first year med student could hear and then had a student that was following him listen to my mom. My mom’s Doctor has never told us anything about a heart condition. Thanks to Dr. Brody he then got us into a Pulmonologist that afternoon who was going to refer us to a cardiologist but before that could happen my mom fell the next day and broke her shoulder blade. When she was rushed to the hospital the ER doctor heard the heart mummer and an echocardiogram was performed on my mom and she has severe aortic stenosis. I am so grateful to Dr. Brody for taking the time with my mom and listening to her and checking her completely over or we might have never known about my mom and her heart condition. Thank you Dr. Brody for all your help then and all your advice since the fall. You have been a huge help in our decisions.

As a patient in my 3rd study in Brain Matters, I have to confess I have felt very depressed until Dr. Brody appeared. I live on cloud 9 now.

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease you are probably searching for help and you have found it. I know this because my father had Alzheimer’s and participated in medical drug trials at Brain Matters Research.

Dr. Brody and the Staff at Brain Matters Research helped my family at a time when there seemed to be little hope. I was becoming worried about father’s forgetfulness and inability to participate in some of the activities he loved. That’s when I researched out to Dr. Brody and my father became a participant in medical drug trails at Brain Matters Research. This made a tremendous difference in my father’s life and provided my entire family with much needed help and hope. Dr. Brody and everyone at Brain Matters Research gave us much more than just medical care and resource materials. Everyone would spend as much time as needed to provide my father with the highest level of care during his trials. I truly believe this not only helped my father’s Alzheimer’s but also gave comfort to him by providing him with a clearer understanding of what was happening to him and preserved his dignity. My father was a physician and Brain Matters research gave him an opportunity to continue to contribute to medicine which he loved so much. Participating in a medical drug trail at Brain Matters Research is invaluable and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for help for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease.

My father is gone now but I know that the time he spent participating in medical trials with Dr. Brody and the Staff at Brain Matters Research gave him a sense of purpose and chance to contribute to medicine even though he no longer practiced medicine. Thank you Dr. Brody and everyone at Brain Matter Research, your care meant as much to the “Old Doc” as it did to all of us.

Brain Matters Research is classy & cool. Monthly Support groups, Friendly atmosphere. The practice supports all Alzheimer Organizations.

My husband has been in clinical studies for about 8yrs for mild cognitive impairment. As far as I’m concerned Brain Matters Research & Dr. Brody are the best. My husbands quality of life has been enhanced greatly, which allows us to continue to enjoy our retirement.



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