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How to Make a Home Dementia-Friendly

  Making a home dementia-friendly protects the safety of your loved one and gives you a little more peace of mind. Do not wait for a safety problem to arise before acting; plan what changes you will need to make far in advance.     In addition to cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s causes problems with spatial […]
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Louise’s Caregiving Story

Louise has some advice for caregivers who are faced with moving a loved one to a nursing home. Read her story below about moving her mother with Alzheimer’s to an Alzheimer’s unit with specialized care:         “My name is Louise, and I live in a small town in South Central Illinois. My […]
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How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

With baby boomers growing older, more and more people are becoming caregivers at a much younger age. According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, two out of every five adults are caring for a loved one, and the numbers are growing.     There are three hats that caregivers wear at least […]
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Preparing for a Successful Doctor’s Visit

Getting a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia to the doctors can be a frustrating event. Most individuals with memory loss will visit a trusting doctor willingly, with a little extra planning and effort on the caregiver’s part, however; if paranoia, delusional thinking, anxiety, depression or anger are present, then this can make a visit […]
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Caring for Spouse Linked to Older Women’s Wellbeing

A new study finds that older women are happier when doing chores and errands if caring for a disabled husband than simply doing housework alone. In addition, this study found that, unlike women, men did not experience any improvement in well-being when acting as a caregiver for their wife.   “A lot of studies have […]
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The Caregiver’s Risk for Dementia

Taking care of a loved one with dementia can take a huge toll on your own health, and according to a recent study, chronic stress may put caregivers at risk of developing dementia themselves. Caregiving already puts you at risk for developing depression and other health problems, but stress in particular can affect the hippocampus […]