Reducing Stress with Alzheimer’s

Living with Alzheimer’s can bring demands to your life that can lead to unwanted stress. Too much stress can be very overwhelming and affect your health and ability to function. Taking steps to reduce your stress can help to improve concentration, decision-making and your quality of life. Here are some tips to help you reduce the stress in your life:
• Identify sources of stress in your life: Once you do, remove yourself from these situations whenever possible.
• Address triggers and accept help: Work on changing how you view a stressful situation. Even the most difficult of situations may have both negative and positive aspects. Challenge yourself to look for the positive whenever possible.
• Establish boundaries and let others know your limits: What are you willing to tolerate? What are you willing to not tolerate? Be as open as possible about this with others.
• Change you environment: If you are in an environment that has too much stimulation that is causing you stress, find a quiet place where you can relax and regroup.
• Take breaks when you need to: Make sure to also get plenty of rest in order to help you conserve energy.
• Let it go: If something starts to become too difficult for you, come back to it later.
• Use relaxation techniques:
o Exercise
o Taking long baths
o Listening to music
o Going for walks
o Working in your garden
o Watching a TV show that you find relaxing
o Deep breathing exercising
o Yoga or meditation
o Writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal



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