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“Age-Related Memory Loss” Has Nothing to Do with Alzheimer’s

DIAGNOSIS RESEARCH: Learn why forgetfulness does NOT imply Alzheimer’s. Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Kandel discovered one central reason seniors become forgetful. He calls it “Age-Related Memory Loss“. Nothing to do with Alzheimer’s, it happens to the best of us. Find out why it occurs, even when we’ve got all our brain cells. A team of […]

UK Researchers Use Verbal Cues in Dementia Diagnoses

  Researchers in the UK have developed a method of verbal analysis that may help determine whether or not a patient’s described memory loss is due to early dementia.     Consultant Neurologist Dr. Daniel Blackburn of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says of his own clinic, “Six years ago one in five patients […]
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Certain Fats Could Hurt Your Memory

Men in middle age who eat an excessive amount of trans-fat may be at risk for memory loss later in life, according to a new study. Researchers followed 1,000 healthy men under 45, monitoring their trans-fat intake, and found those who consumed the most did worse on a word recall test. The highest trans-fat eaters […]
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The Negative Effects of Anxiety on the Brain

People with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are at an increased risk for transitioning into Alzheimer’s disease within a few years, but researchers have uncovered that timeline shortens if the individual suffers from anxiety.     Researchers from Baycrest Health Sciences’ Rotman Research Institute have shown for the first time that anxiety in people with MCI […]
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Rare Blood Type may Raise Dementia Risk

A new study finds that people with blood type AB, about 4% of the population, may have an increased risk for memory problems as they age. Over a three year study, those with blood type AB were almost twice as likely to experience memory problems as those with type O blood. Those with blood type […]
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High Blood Pressure in Middle Age Linked to Cognitive Decline

A new observational study suggests that hypertension in middle age could contribute to cognitive decline in the next 20 years. Rebecca F. Gottesman, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins, and colleagues found that high blood pressure between the ages of 48 and 67 was associated with 0.056 z score-points of a decline in cognition over 20 […]
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Using iPads can help Older Adults Thinking Ability

A new study suggests, that for older adults, learning to use a tablet computer can help improve memory and assist in completing tasks. The researchers add it can also enhance everyday life and help older adults achieve greater independence. “Mastering technological devices such as the iPad has the added advantage of providing older adults with […]
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Heart Heath in Young Adults Tied to Mental Function Later in Life

Young adults with good blood pressure will go on to live mentally healthy lives, having better memory and thinking skills, compared to those with high blood pressure, according to a new study. While previous studies have linked poor heart health in middle aged adults to mental decline, this new study suggests that the association starts […]
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Learning a Second Language May Protect an Aging Brain

Learning and speaking two or more languages has been shown to protect your brain as it ages, even if you learn another language as an adult. For the study, researchers followed 835 people born in Scotland in 1936 whose first language was English. At age 11, participants were given a mental skills test and then […]
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Four Unusual Ways Music Fine-Tunes the Brain

Researchers have studies that suggest what music can do for the human brain- it can alter brain structures in musicians, and enhance cognitive skills in children and adults alike. However, researchers are still learning to what extent music affects the brain. Here are four known ways that music affects the brain:     Bring Back […]