Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Are you having trouble remembering where your glasses are or remembering when your next appointment is? These could be typical signs of the aging process, but it could be a sign of something more. When should you be concerned about Alzheimer’s disease? Here are common early Alzheimer’s disease warning signs you should look out for!

  1. Memory Loss that Interferes with Daily Living

The most common sign of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease is forgetting recent information. Other signs can include forgetting important dates, asking the same questions repeatedly, or relying on family members for simple, everyday tasks. If you notice an increase in these symptoms in you or someone you know, it may be time to consult with your doctor.

  1. Misplacing Objects

Those with Alzheimer’s disease could find themselves frequently losing objects. They may misplace things and have difficulty retracing their steps to find them.

  1. Difficulty Completing Tasks

Those with Alzheimer’s disease may find it difficult to perform everyday tasks. Examples of this can include trouble remembering where they are driving, forgetting about bill payments, or forgetting a friend’s phone number.

  1. Confusion with Time and Places

Those living with Alzheimer’s disease can lose track of important dates, seasons, and time. Time could be challenging to understand if it is not happening at that moment. They may have trouble remembering where they are and how they got to a particular place.

  1. New Difficulties with Speaking or Writing

Another early sign of Alzheimer’s’ disease is difficulty following or being part of a conversation. They may stop mid-sentence or tend to repeat themselves. They may also struggle with common vocabulary and have trouble naming familiar objects.

Though some of these signs could be a typical sign of aging, it’s essential to notice when things are significantly getting worse. If you are concerned with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, there are some steps you could take now.

Schedule a Memory Screening

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