Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors with Memory Loss

Finding the perfect holiday gift for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be challenging for both the individuals and their family members, particularly in the later stages of the disease. Try to keep your expectations realistic for the holidays, and don’t take it personally if your loved one isn’t as receptive as you might have hoped. Consider one of these ideas for a thoughtful seasonal gift for someone in senior living:
People experiencing memory loss may appreciate items that bring back familiar memories. A photo album is a personal option that lets you highlight your favorite memories with family and friends. Similarly, music lovers may appreciate a homemade compilation of favorite tunes, which could also spark fond memories. Sometimes a shared experience is even more valuable than any material good. Spend some time doing an activity together like baking or crafting.
Items that appeal to the senses can be another great gift for people experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Look for items that are soft, like a plush lap blanket. A CD calming music and soft lighting fixtures like a salt lamp can help create a peaceful environment. Look for track lists that feature sounds of nature and white noise, or soothing classical compositions.
Gifts with day-to-day utility can make a thoughtful holiday present for a person with memory concerns, or anyone who may have increased difficulty getting out to the store. Items like soap, shower gel or other hygiene products can purchased in seasonal scents, or look for articles of clothing to help a loved one keep warm.





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