Helping a Partner through An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

So maybe you have been with, or know someone that has been with, their loved one for many years. Naturally, relationships that have a long history include many triumphs, tragedies, successes and failures and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be another factor in your relationship. After your or your loved one receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s there are probably many questions going through your head about how your relationship will change. The following are some tips to help both you and your partner cope with Alzheimer’s.

• Be open about your feelings. Share your experiences about living with a loved one who has the disease. Join a local support group, and be sensitive to your partner with the disease.
• Learn to ask for help. If your significant other has the disease, chances are you are going to be the primary caretaker, and that can prove to be overwhelming at times. Make sure to ask other relatives for help when you need it and so that you can have time to yourself to enjoy your favorite activities.
• Strengthen your relationship through trust. Be sure that your partner knows that you are not going anywhere, and that you will support them through any hardships that come along with this illness. Reassure them that you are always here to talk, and that their feelings should be expressed openly between the two of you.
• Reevaluate other relationships. Trying times can really help shed a light on who your ‘real’ friends are. If someone in your life is not supportive, distance yourself from them and focus on the people who really matter in your life.

Together, you and your loved one can help each other get through this difficult time and learn how to adapt and grow your relationship to this new situation.






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