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Taking a Trip with Alzheimer’s

When a person has Alzheimer’s disease, there are many lifestyle changes that they must go through, however it does not mean that they can no longer participate in meaningful activities such as traveling. Planning ahead will be needed to ensure their safety, but they can still go on vacation and enjoy themselves. Whether it is […]
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5 Ways to Detect Dementia

Dementia unfortunately slowly takes away people’s memories. The Mayo Clinic describes dementia as not a specific disease, but rather a group of symptoms that affects the memory and sense of judgment. Early on, Dementia can be difficult to detect because warning signs are not always obvious. The following are five different ways to detect whether […]
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Can You Recognize the Famous Faces?

Are you able to recognize Albert Einstein, Princess Diana or Oprah? No? Well, not being able to put names to these famous faces could signal the early onset of dementia, scientists say. In research published in the journal “Neurology”, scientists developed a test for identifying a certain type of early dementia, mental decline that occurs […]
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Animal Therapy for Dementia Patients

Animal Therapy for Dementia Patients Speaking with animal therapy practitioners and researches and they will tell you stories about how therapy dogs have successfully helped dementia patients. “Even people with Alzheimer’s recognize a dog, and they see that the dog is someone new in their environment. I think they see it as someone with whom […]
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Myths about OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that affects as many as 1 in 100 U.S. adults, it’s marked by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. Despite its prevalence, OCD is one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions. Here are the truths on OCD, instead of the myths: Myth 1: All neat freaks have OCD: […]
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Anger and Aggression in Alzheimer’s

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses you will notice that your loved one’s behavior may start to change. Their behaviors might even become angry and aggressive. These can be verbal or physical and can occur suddenly with no apparent reason, or can be the result of a frustrating situation. While aggression can be hard to cope with, […]
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Learning to Live with OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can cause people to become fixated on anything from germs, accidents or injuries, which can lead to a person developing rituals to calm these obsessive thoughts. Some people with this anxiety disorder develop disturbing thoughts that they will inadvertently harm someone else. If you are struggling with OCD, here are some tips […]
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Starting your College Semester with ADHD

  The first week of a new school year can be exciting and busy with moving in, adjusting to a new class schedule and making new friends or connecting with old ones. Even the start of the second semester has its excitement with a new schedule, new classes, and new expectations. In the midst of […]
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Advantages of an Alzheimer’s Memory Clinic

While some primary care doctors are skilled at diagnosing and treating forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, the right diagnosis for memory problems might be missed without the help of a specialist. In fact, “only about one-third of people who have Alzheimer’s disease are properly diagnosed and treated by a primary care physician,” says […]
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Hot Cocoa can Keep the Dementia Away

In a new study published in the American Academy of Neurology, neurologists say to drink two cups of hot cocoa each day to stave off dementia. The study included 60 participants who had an average age of 73 and were never diagnosed with dementia. They drank two cups of hot cocoa each day for a […]