Starting your College Semester with ADHD


The first week of a new school year can be exciting and busy with moving in, adjusting to a new class schedule and making new friends or connecting with old ones. Even the start of the second semester has its excitement with a new schedule, new classes, and new expectations. In the midst of it all, it is important to make sure that you are ready to get off to a good start academically. If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, here are some tips to help you get ready for a great college semester:

• Academic Accommodations: If you ask for accommodations of any sort, you should make sure to send the disability services office, or student services, any materials they request before school starts. They will need time to review to make their determinations. During the first week of classes, stop by their office to pick up your accommodation letters to take to your professors. You might need to schedule a meeting to pick up your letters, so make sure that you do. Deliver all of your letters the first week.
• Schedule: Before classes start or even during the first week of classes, sit down and put your class schedule in your calendar or planner. Set alarms if needed to remind yourself when to get to class.
• Syllabi: During the first week, spend half an hour each evening with a couple of syllabuses, putting due dates for homework or papers, projects, and exams into your calendar or planner. Do this for all of your classes. At the same time, working backwards from each major assignment or test, choose an earlier start date for writing or studying. This will help remind you in order to avoid a last-minute study or writing session.
• Books and Other Materials: Whether you plan to buy your books in the school’s bookstore, order them online, or rent them, it is best to do this before the semester starts, or at the latest, the first week of classes. Think about how you want to keep track of your notes and other materials for each of your classes. Then purchase these and any other supplies you may need before or during the first week of class.






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