20 Activities to do with Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Picture this: your loved one has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and you are not very familiar with the illness or how it is going to affect both you and your family. This can be a scary time and to ease the pain of change here are some activities that you can do with them. The activities will prove to be fun, as well as keep your loved one’s minds sharp.
1. Listen to music. Besides smell; sound is the most powerful sense to help stimulate the mind to remember events.
2. Color pictures with them, maybe even a family portrait.
3. Count cards.
4. Read your loved one’s favorite stories out loud to him/her.
5. Bake cookies or a favorite treat.
6. Scrapbook and create a photo album of his/her fondest memories.
7. Participate in a walk to raise money for Alzheimer’s awareness.
8. Start a garden with him/her and plant flowers and favorite vegetables.
9. Have his/her old friends come and visit and talk about fond memories.
10. Play board games and cards.
11. Play and sing his/her favorite songs.
12. Write a story or poem together, then read it in front of your family.
13. Have an afternoon tea party and make his/her favorite tea and snacks.
14. Give them a make-over and do you loved one’s hair and make-up.
15. Look at a map of the United States and help identify the states and the capitals to keep his/her mind sharp.
16. Make holiday cards for the various holidays that come throughout the year.
17. Blow bubbles outside together on a nice sunny day.
18. Collect coins and name the famous presidents on each of them.
19. Knit gloves, a scarf or even a blanket together.
20. Cook a favorite family recipe together.
For more information, please visit: www.alz.org
Additional Resources: http://www.alz.org/living_with_alzheimers_101_activities.asp





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