The Best Books to Help Explain Alzheimer’s Disease to a Child

Alzheimer’s disease can be confusing and scary for anyone, but for a child or teen, it is important to talk with them as soon as possible so they begin to understand how the disease might change the relationship they have previously shared with their loved one. It may begin with a loved one forgetting a name, which the child may or may not notice. However, as the disease progresses, a child will begin to realize that something serious is going on.



Here are the top books for every age group to help a child better understand the disease.



Preschool to Grade 3



What’s Happening to Grandpa? ByMaria Shriver


Singing with Momma Lou by Linda Jacobs Altman


The Stranger I Call Grandma: A Story about Alzheimer’s Disease by Swanee Ballman


Grandma’s Cobwebs by Ann Frantti


Remember Me? Alzheimer’s through the Eyes of a Child (Te Acuerdas de Mi?) by Sue Glass


Allie Learns about Alzheimer’s Disease: A Family Story about Love, Patience and Acceptance by Kim Gosselin


Thank You for the Thistle by Dorie Thurston



Grades 4-7



An Early Winter by Marion Dane Bauer


Horse Whispers in the Air by Dandi Daley MacKall


The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park


It Only Looks Easy by Pamela Curtis Swallow





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