Don’t Bottle it Up: Dementia Awareness Week 2014

The week of May 18-24, 2014 is the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Awareness Week. This week is about raising awareness and gaining information and support for those who need it. Find out ways you can get involved:



Use Facebook and Twitter



  • One of the easiest things you can do is use your Facebook and Twitter account to spread the word about Dementia Awareness Week. “Like” the Alzheimer’s Society Facebook page and follow them on Twitter so you can share the videos and messages they will be posting throughout the week.
  • Tweet or write about Dementia Awareness Week on social media, utilize the hashtag #DAW2014.



Get More Involved



  • You can download and print a Dementia Awareness Week post to display in your local area.
  • Contact your local Alzheimer’s Society office to see what is happening in your area. Many areas are hosting awareness and fundraising events during the week.



Seek Information



If you are worried that you, or someone close to you, may have dementia, it is important to learn more and get the resources you need. Visit the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Awareness Week website to learn about the national dementia hotline, visit online forums and discussions, find out where to get local support, and how to take action this week.






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