Alzheimer’s and Driving

Driving demands quick reaction time and fast decision making. A person who has Alzheimer’s will eventually become unable to drive. Dealing with the issue early on can help ease the transition. If you are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, it is never too early to plan ahead for how you will get around when you are no longer able to drive. Planning ahead and putting a plan in place can be an empowering way to make your voice heard. Here are some tips for planning ahead:


• Involve your family and close friends in the plan.
• Confront resistance. Empathize with those in your family who are uncomfortable having this conversation and stress the importance to them of preparing for the future.
• Develop an agreement for all to share that includes practical safety steps, such as:
o A periodic driving assessment
o A GPS monitoring system for the car
o Alternate transportation options.


Remember that driving is not the only transportation option available. There are many other options to explore that will allow you to travel independently:


• Arrange for family members and friends to provide transportation
• Arrange a taxi service
• Use special transportation services for older adults
o Eldercare Locator:
o Alzheimer’s Association Community Resource Finder:
• Reduce the need to drive by having your prescription medicines, groceries or meals delivered







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