Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Memory, which is an intricate and complex function of the brain, requires millions of neurons for it to operate in perfect harmony. As we get older, we experience memory glitches where spontaneous memory loss occurs, such as when you can’t recall something that is at the tip of your tongue. Aging, unfortunately, causes neuron loss, which can impact your memory of recent events. If you are experiencing some less serious memory loss, such as having a few more senior moments lately or you are being more forgetful than usual, try these memory improving tips and tricks:

• Don’t Forget to Be Aware: We tend to do so many things automatically: We come home, throw the keys down, sit on the couch, and flip on the TV, and many of these actions are done without thinking. When the next morning comes around, halfway out the front door, we may suddenly realize that we have no idea where the keys are. Try this excise to help: Become aware and be observant of everything. Wherever you place your keys, be aware of it and conscious of every little action you do. Reinforce the actions as well by making a mental note to yourself such as “I just put my keys on the coffee table.” Doing this on a daily basis will help to increase your ability to remember things.

• Organized in life, organized in mind: When you are organized in your house, you are organized in your mind. Designate specific areas for every item and when you take something out, make sure to put it back in the same spot. This organization will not only help you to remember, but it will also save you some memory space for you to fill with more important things. Also, if you don’t want to forget to do anything important, write it down!

• Seeing is Remembering: Another trick to use to help you to remember things is to see them. Many people are visual and tend to remember better with a visual reminder. If there are certain things that you need to work on, put them out where you are going to see them and remember to work on them. You can also try leaving yourself a note on the breakfast table or on the fridge where you will be sure to see it. Keep what you need within your visual field and you won’t forget it!






For those who are struggling with memory loss, a memory screen is a step in the right direction to keeping their minds healthy. Apply for a FREE memory screen today!