Picking the Best Alzheimer’s Care Facility

As Alzheimer’s disease worsens, a person living with it may need more care and attention than his or her loved ones can provide if he or she is currently living at home. Alzheimer’s disease has a fairly predictable course of gradual decline, so it is never too early to start looking at the residential care facilities in your area and planning ahead. The first step is finding out what care facilities are available in your community and deciding on the best fit option for your loved one’s needs. While in the past, nursing homes have gotten a negative rap, there are many safe and high quality care facilities that specialize in Alzheimer’s care. These care facilities today include:




Retirement Communities: These communities are for older people who are very independent and can provide most of his or her own care. There are often many community events and shared spaces for eating and gathering. Although, the needs of an Alzheimer’s patient still has to be provided by family members or health aids.
Assisted Living Residences: Here, your loved one will have his or her own room or suite that has access to a community setting with activities, meals and events. These facilities will usually have medical workers on staff, but your loved one may not need constant, 24-hour care that someone in a nursing home, for example, might need and get.
Nursing Homes: These can provide more intensive medical care and oversight throughout the day and night, which makes them a popular choice for Alzheimer’s patients.
Memory of Alzheimer’s Units: Within some residential facilities, you might find smaller units that are dedicated to caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease, or memory impairment. The staff also has special training in the needs of these patients.
Hospice Care: Hospice care in end of the life care. Specially trained health professionals provide care mostly to provide comfort for patients who are dying of terminal diseases such as Alzheimer’s.





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