Overcoming Alzheimer’s Stigma

For many people living with Alzheimer’s and their care partners, facing stigma is often a primary concern. Those with Alzheimer’s often report being misunderstood due to the myths and misconceptions others have about the disease. Here are some tips to help you overcome Alzheimer’s stigma:
• Be Open and Direct: Engage others in discussions about Alzheimer’s disease, the need for prevention, better treatment and an eventual cure. Being open and direct will allow others to have a better understanding of what you or a loved one is going through.
• Seek Support and Stay Connected: It is very important to make sure to stay engaged in meaningful relationships and activities. Whether it is family, friends or support group, having a network is critical and will give you the support you need.
• Communicate the Facts: Sharing accurate and correct information is key to dispelling misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease. Whether it is a pamphlet or a link to an online site, offer information to help people better understand Alzheimer’s disease.
• Don’t Be Discouraged: If someone thinks that Alzheimer’s disease is normal aging, see it as an education opportunity and not a reflection of you.
• Be Part of the Solution: As a person who is living with the disease, your voice is the most powerful in order to help to raise awareness, end stigma and advocate for more Alzheimer’s support and research.


Resource: http://www.alz.org/i-have-alz/overcoming-stigma.asp



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