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“Age-Related Memory Loss” Has Nothing to Do with Alzheimer’s

DIAGNOSIS RESEARCH: Learn why forgetfulness does NOT imply Alzheimer’s. Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Kandel discovered one central reason seniors become forgetful. He calls it “Age-Related Memory Loss“. Nothing to do with Alzheimer’s, it happens to the best of us. Find out why it occurs, even when we’ve got all our brain cells. A team of […]
Alzheimer's Legal & Financial Planning

Joyful Holidays Despite Dementia

CARE TIPS: This season is a time filled with family and friends, laughter and reminiscing. Learn ways to prevent dementia’s stress, frustration, and loneliness. Fill the holiday with joy. Caring for a loved one with dementia during the holidays can be challenging, but with a little preparation, everyone can help bring out the full joy […]
Alzheimer's Legal & Financial Planning

Alzheimer’s Legal & Financial Planning

Get ahead of the legal & financial challenges of Alzheimer’s. This NIA Fact Sheet from the U.S. government is a great place to start. Legal and medical experts encourage people recently diagnosed with a serious illness—particularly one that is expected to cause declining mental and physical health—to examine and update their financial and health care […]