Caffeine Boosts Dementia-Fighting Enzyme

Caffeine increases the enzyme called NMNAT2 in the brain. This creates a chemical ‘blockade’ against dementia. Learn how caffeine and 23 other compounds can protect you. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A study by Indiana University researchers has identified 24 compounds — including caffeine — with the potential to boost an enzyme in the brain shown to …

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Redesigning a Home for Dementia Care

DESIGN VIDEO: Good ideas in home design can make a world of difference when caring for people with dementia. See this video packed with great examples and insights.

Memories Fade But Feelings Remain

A new University of Iowa study further supports an inescapable message: caregivers have a profound influence — good or bad — on the emotional state of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Patients may not remember a recent visit by a loved one or having been neglected by staff at a nursing home, but those actions can …

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CNN: Alzheimer’s: The disease that could bankrupt Medicare

By Sandee LaMotte, CNN Updated 12:26 PM ET, Tue March 7, 2017 (CNN)Every 66 seconds this year, an American will develop Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association annual report, released Tuesday. By the year 2050, that number is expected to double to one every 33 seconds. Those startling statistics are mirrored worldwide. In 2016, …

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