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Why Join a Clinical Trial?

Frequently Asked Questions 

The simplest answer is that it will be the only opportunity for you or your loved one to receive a medicine that might potentially slow or halt the progress of


, and put a patient into “remission.”

Food for Thought

If you or your loved one had a progressive, incurable brain cancer for which there is a new potentially breakthrough investigative treatment, would you or your loved one go to a center like MD Anderson or Sloan-Kettering? If the answer is “yes,” then you or your loved one should be pursuing potential breakthrough Alzheimer’s treatments at the closest Center of Excellence.

Participants in


trials receive a high standard of care. At our center, our motto is, “whatever it takes,

however long it takes.” All participants have open access to our team of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, research coordinators, social workers, and psychologists. We are here to be a resource. We also work together with your primary care doctor to coordinate any changes in your treatment.
Research shows that people involved in clinical studies do somewhat better than people in a similar stage of their disease who are not enrolled, regardless of whether the experimental treatment works. This may be due to the general high quality of care and oversight required to volunteers in clinical trials.