The Dangers of Driving with Alzheimer’s

15 Warning Signs for Driving with Dementia

  1. Driving too slowly or too fast
  2. Receiving traffic tickets
  3. Being honked at or yelled at by other drivers
  4. Becoming upset or angry while driving
  5. Dents, dings or scraped paint on the car, mailbox or garage
  6. Misunderstanding or not noticing signs on the road
  7. Getting lost in familiar places
  8. Stopping at a green light
  9. Changing lanes without looking
  10. Drifting into another lane
  11. Having difficulty making left turns
  12. Misjudging distances
  13. Mistaking the gas pedal for the brake
  14. Causing any crash or near crash
  15. You can also follow the “grandchild test”: If you would not feel safe having this person drive his or her grandchild, it’s time to have a talk about handing over the keys.

Should you or your loved one be driving? Let common sense be your guide.



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