Working Together

We value your partnership.

Referring Patients

Brain Matters Research is a world-class institution offering accurate diagnosis, treatment, support and research opportunities to patients and families faced with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We work with other health care professionals to provide a seamless care experience for our mutual patients.

For health care providers:

Although a referral is not required for the initial consultation, we find it helpful to have communication with the primary care doctor prior to their patient’s appointment to ensure that we have the necessary background information. After the evaluation, we will provide you with a comprehensive care plan for your patient’s record. As we are not primary care providers, your input as a partner in their care is a vital component of the care plan. This becomes especially important if they are eligible for and choose to participate in a clinical trial.

We value the relationships we currently have with local and regional neurologists, University of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Alzheimer’s Association, and others who understand the role that a center of excellence can play in a patient’s treatment options. For more detailed information on how we work with health care providers, please contact us at (561) 374-8461, email at

Medical records can be faxed to (561) 374-8463.



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