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Our Promise to Our Patients

Giving substance to hope. 

Our Promise to our Patients

At Brain Matters Research we are committed to ensuring that each patient visiting our facility has access to the latest investigational therapies in a comfortable, caring, confidential setting. Patient safety and well-being is our primary goal. As a team, our approach to patients, caregivers and families is personalized. We work together to provide innovative treatments that comply with all FDA and Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Whether a patient, family member, caregiver or volunteer, you become a part of Brain Matters Research and its mission.

The Benefits to our Patients

  • Patients gain access to cutting edge treatments, and a professional team of experts who are invested in their well-being.

  • Patients are examined and treated by expert physicians and researchers in the field of


    Disease who have their fingers on the pulse

    of the latest developments in treatments and therapies.

  • Patients receive initial assessments, memory testing and examination at no cost.

  • Patients participating in



    receive all treatments, procedures, MRIs, PET scans, blood work, memory testing and any other protocol required items

    at no cost.

  • Patients have access to the latest findings on disease modifying or disease improving medications that are currently being researched.

  • Patients, caregiver and families all have open access to the resources we offer, including education, lecture series, caregiver support groups, social activities, respite opportunities, and more.