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Dr. Mark Brody

President and Founder of Brain Matters Research 

Dr. Mark Brody is President and Founder of Brain Matters Research, one of the largest private clinical research facilities in the country specializing in Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis, treatment and research. He is a nationally recognized expert in both Alzheimer’s Disease and stroke, as well as the Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials seeking to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s. He is in private practice in Delray Beach specializing in memory disorders and stroke prevention. He is one of a small group of neurologists whose career spans an academic practice, clinical practice, as well as clinical research.

A former Professor of Neurology at University of California, San Diego, and Stroke Program Director at Scipps, La Jolla, he eventually relocated to Palm Beach County in 1995. He was the founding Director of the Acute Interventional Stroke Program at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, where he and his team conducted acute stroke clinical trials seeking to optimize the “time-to-treatment” and outcomes for stroke victims.

Dr. Brody is diligently partnering with physician practices in the community to advance early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease at the primary care level. Through free evaluations and community lectures, he has increased public awareness of clinical trial opportunities – bringing us closer to the cure for this devastating disease.

Dr. Brody is author of Brain Matters – The Prevention of Alzheimer’s, Aging and Stroke.  (You may download this PDF version for free). All volunteers receive a hard copy of the book for participating.) He appeared with Dr. Oz in 2013 presenting current research trends and opportunities in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. He is currently working on his next project producing a humorous, but informative, look at the aging process, integrating local experts speaking on current topics and trends.


Dr. Brody is an author, humorist, lecturer, health care entrepreneur, and serves on the medical advisory boards of numerous pharmaceutical companies. He is an acknowledged industry thought leader in the development of new clinical research protocols.

Knowledge of increased risk for CANCER compels patients to take action…..they make impactful treatment decisions, seek out renowned specialists, and enter clinical trials. Waiting idly wouldn’t be an option. Our mission is to elevate Alzheimer’s disease to that level of urgency. It is a degenerative “cancer of the brain” that no one survives. Brain Matters Research is on a mission, and we need community involvement……those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, those at risk for the disease, those concerned they might be having symptoms, and those willing to participate in the research process. Doing nothing is no longer an option.

M BMark Brody MD, CPI
Founder, Principal Investigator
Brain Matters Research

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