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Brain Matters Research Mark Brody, M.D.

Mark Brody, M.D.

Dr. Mark Brody is the Founder of Brain Matters Research, one of the largest, most respected private clinical research facilities in the country specializing in Alzheimers Disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. He is a nationally recognized expert in both Alzheimers Disease and stroke.

A former Professor of Neurology at University of California, San Diego, and Stroke Program Director at Scipps, La Jolla, he eventually relocated to Palm Beach County in 1995. He was the founding Director of the Acute Interventional Stroke Program at Bethesda Memorial Hospital, where he and his team conducted acute stroke clinical trials seeking to optimize the “time-to-treatment” and outcomes for stroke victims.

Dr. Brody is diligently partnering with physician practices in the community to advance early detection of Alzheimers Disease at the primary care level. Through free memory evaluations and community lectures, he has increased public awareness of clinical trial opportunities – bringing us closer to the cure for this devastating disease.

Dr. Brody is author of Brain Matters – The Prevention of Aging, Alzheimers and Stroke. He appeared with Dr. Oz presenting current research trends and opportunities in the prevention of Alzheimers. He is a humorist, lecturer, health care entrepreneur, and serves on the medical advisory boards of numerous pharmaceutical companies.

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