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Support for Caregivers and Loved Ones

If you are close with an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, Brain Matters Research understands the struggles

Family Caregiving

Brain Matters Research Caregivers

Almost 11 million Americans provide unpaid care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. These unpaid caregivers are primarily family members but also include friends.  In 2009 alone, they provided 12.5 billion hours of unpaid care, a contribution to the nation valued at almost $144 billion. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or another dementia is often very difficult, and many family and other unpaid caregivers experience high levels of emotional stress and depression as a result. Caregiving also has a negative impact on the health, employment, income and financial security of many caregivers.

Number of Caregivers

In 2009, an estimated 10.9 million family members and friends provided unpaid care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. The number of caregivers by state ranges from about 16,000 in Alaska to 1.2 million in California.  Some people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia share more than one unpaid caregiver; for example, people who live with their primary caregiver and receive help from another relative or friend. –

Brain Matters Research Support Family Members and Caregivers

Brain Matters Research provides support for family members and caregivers of our patients. Caregivers have access to a well-educated staff with specific training in Alzheimer’s disease. They also have access to expert physicians trained and specialized with Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Brain Matters Research offers 24 hour Caregiver Support Networks. Our doctors provide frequent educational lectures and individual support sessions offered for the caregivers of our patients.  Brain Matters Research has a caring staff with extensive experience for supporting caregivers and family members.

Dementia – Getting A Proper Diagnosis

Teepa Snow outlines how to get a proper diagnosis for cognitive screenings
This video covers topics of importance for seniors and care-gives such as:
  • • What should happen when you or a loved one goes see the Doctor?
  • • Types of background information needed to provide a full picture.
  • • Important tests and procedures.
  • • Working with aware and cooperative patients Vs. patients that are unwilling or unaware during   evaluations.
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